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     While passing by a very busy miniature golf attraction in Gatlinburg, Tennessee on a cool crisp fall day in 1992, Robert Montgomery thought out loud, “where could you put another mini golf course in Gatlinburg?” From that casual observation has grown a multi-state family entertainment company. While still a family owned and operated concern, Montgomery Amusements has grown and transformed itself from a single minature golf attraction into a company that features well themed, relevant and trendy entertainment concepts in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach.

      Believing that attractions must attract, Montgomery Amusements has always emphasized more than just things to do. Every attraction has a “back story” and “theme” that intrigues and attracts the most discriminating consumers. Based on the philosophy that while the kids definitely need to have fun in order to be successful, the parents should equally be intrigued and curious about the design and meaning of the attraction’s theme. 



     On The Island in Pigeon Forge, one becomes immersed in a “Swiss family Robinson” stranded island adventure - featuring one of the coolest attraction facades in the country. And then most recently there is the transformation of Montgomery Amusements’ original attraction in Gatlinburg into Gatlin’s, a descendant of Radford Gatlin, who the town is supposedly named after. Gatlin’s a grandchild, descendant , a world traveler, an explorer who has brought back to Gatlinburg an eclectic collection of adventure and fun for all to enjoy.

Through the years, Montgomery Amusements has evolved, grown, stayed abreast and even ahead of the family entertainment industry. But the one constant has been it’s mission statement which hasn’t changed over all these years. 

“Our goal is to provide quality family entertainment for our guests, a desirable work environment for our employees and optimal profits for the company.”     


Our team

Marlee Montgomery

Director of Marketing and Business Development

716 Parkway Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738

(865) 599-6455



Stephen Ramsey

Director of Operations in Gatlinburg, TN

716 Parkway Gatlinburg, Tennessee 37738

(865) 436-2326

Nicole Pacurar

General Manager in Myrtle Beach

1314 Celebrity Cir #165, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

(843) 712-1794

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